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TOPIC: Exporter for Virtuemart

Exporter for Virtuemart 26 Aug 2016 20:04 #565

I recently purchased this for my company to produce a feed of their products to an advertising website. The feed set up easily, and works unless I attempt to select only certain categories.

I get the following error (username and dbname omitted)

1370 execute command denied to user '*'@'localhost' for routine '*.#__plem_product_in_cats2' SQL=SELECT DISTINCT p.virtuemart_product_id as pr_id FROM #__virtuemart_products as p LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_product_prices as pr_p on pr_p.virtuemart_product_id = p.virtuemart_product_id LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_products_en_gb as pl on pl.virtuemart_product_id = p.virtuemart_product_id LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_product_categories as pc on pc.virtuemart_product_id = p.virtuemart_product_id LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_categories_en_gb as cl on cl.virtuemart_category_id = pc.virtuemart_category_id LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_product_manufacturers as pm on pm.virtuemart_product_id = p.virtuemart_product_id LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_manufacturers_en_gb as ml on ml.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = pm.virtuemart_manufacturer_id WHERE p.virtuemart_product_id > 0 AND #__plem_product_in_cats2(p.virtuemart_product_id,'2') AND coalesce(p.published,0) > 0 ORDER BY p.virtuemart_product_id asc

I have checked the Mysql user, which has full rights to that database. Any clue on what could be causing this? Also, items that are not published on our website are also included on the feed even though the checkbox "Display non-published products:" is not checked.

I could really use some help on this, my employment depends on it.
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