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VM - Excel-like product manager

02 Dec 2016 16:39 #766 by HobhoidoHoM
Dear support,
I have a Joomla 3.6 with Virtuemart 3 and I am looking for a quick way to insert a lot of product in the shop.
I just found your "VirtueMart Excel-like product manager" and I think that it will be good.
I'm just not able to understand how product images will be uploaded from a local CSV into the shop.

Thank you in advance
03 Dec 2016 21:06 #767 by Super User

CSV accepts image url-s separated by comma. Images need to be on web so you can place them in some temp folder on you site until you finish import.

Importer will download images from url you provide and place them in standard products images folder.
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