Holest's Full Carousel jQuery widget!
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** Use UI componets to see live effects of changes to holest carousel parameters:

center Center X,Y (relative to continer): [425,140] [ , ]
horisontal_aspect Horisontal aspect: [0.1]
radius Radius: [350]
movment Rotation speed (movment/cycle): [0.033]
refresh_interval Resfesh interval(1/fps): [5]
reflection_height Mirror height: [0.6]
info_animation Info panel animation: [slide]
animation_speed Info panel animation duration(ms): [600]
item_width Item width: [120]
item_height Item height: [120]
speedup_acc Fast spin x speed: [30]
radius_effect Spin force radius increase : [0.25]

To trigger fast spin drag mouse for one side of carousel to other fast

To bring image to front click on image. To spin it again click once.


contentdivnull jQuery object that contains DIVs for info-panel content
info_animation'slide' Amination to use with info-panel. Can be:fade,updown,slide
animation_speed600 Animation speed
movment 1/18 Movment in radians per each refresh interval
refresh_interval30 refresh interval = 1/fps (ms)
reflectiontrue Value indicating that image mirrors should be created
reflection_height 0.6 Height of mirror image
reflection_opacity 1/2 Opacitu or mirrored image
InitialDirection-1 Initila direction; -1 is clockwise, 1 is counterclockwise
radius350 Radius of rotation
radius_effect0.25 Ratio or radis that will be added when fast spin is triggered
center[420,140] Center of rotation
horisontal_aspect0.1 Perspectiv angle
speedup_acc30 How manu times rotation accelerates on fast spin
speedup_goto20 How manu times rotation accelerates during gotoItem
speeddown_acc1/10 How manu times rotation deaccelerates on click
speedup_acc_rate-1/10 Rate of fast spin deacceleration
speeddown_acc_rate1/5000 Rate of acceleration after stop
speedup_trigger_time300 Maximum time that can pass for user to drag mouse to trigger fast spin
speedup_path_length_ratio1/3 Minimal length in width ratio of control which user must drag mouse to trigger fast spin
item_width120 Overide default item width = 120
item_height120 Overide default item height = 120
doubleclickstoptrue If true the rotation stops on doubleclick
disablegotofalse If set to true disables bring image to front on image click
usejpostionfalse Switch to alternative coordinates measurement (set to true is you have problems with elements postioning)
TopIndex0 Use only to get current top index, setting it's value has no effect
onInfoClickfunction(Index){} onInfoClick - event handler
onClickfunction(Index){} onClick - event handler
onInfoDblClickfunction(Index){} onInfoDblClick - event handler
onDblClickfunction(Index){} onDblClick - event handler
onTopIndexChangefunction(Index){} onTopIndexChange - event handler


onInfoClick: function(Index){...}

onClick: function(Index){...}

onInfoDblClick: function(Index){...}

onDblClick: function(Index){...}

onTopIndexChange: function(Index){...}

NOTE - To define events handlers use options structure


gotoItem(Index) - brings item with index to front. See connectedMenu on this page