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New attributes and excel like....

20 Apr 2014 18:47 #34 by Mariusz Z

I have purchased your plugin in mind to update my attributes and add new ones to my product database which is almost 300 products. I have came across a problem, as when I wanted to add a new attribute that would repeat over all of my products.

I have set new attribute in woocommerce and then using your pluging I wanted to assign them to all of my products which I did. But what happens is that they are not displaying when I go to my product page, unless I go to single product and go to edit and click update only then I get that new attribute to display on the page.

Any help with this as this was the main reason of purchasing this plugin.
20 Apr 2014 19:02 #35 by Ivan Milic

please send us access and tell us which attribute you are setting. Use "Report To Moderator" to send us data privately.
21 Apr 2014 15:00 #36 by Mariusz Z
I can do with screen shots of pages you would like to have a look. And I could explain exactly what happens after doing what you interested in.
21 Apr 2014 15:37 #37 by Ivan Milic
Ok, please do so. You can also send us that info via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
22 Apr 2014 12:50 #38 by Ivan Milic
Update to latest version
22 Apr 2014 16:00 #39 by Mariusz Z

Updated to the latest version but that did not fix the problem. Will get you some screenshots. Basically what happens is that I wanted to add a new attribute. So I went to Product > Attribute and added the Title for example "Size" then In size I went to add "Small" and "Medium" now this attribute is not assigned to any product but using your plugin I wanted to assign them to all my products.

So new column called "Size" is now avaiable in your plugin by clicking on the cell for each product and adding "Small" and "Medium" they add on the "Excel Like sheet" when I let it autosave and then go to my product page new attribute do not display.

Will get you some pictures today, sorry it was busy after easter.

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