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no colomns in exported files

13 May 2015 20:46 - 13 May 2015 20:54 #200 by Виталий Елизаров
When I export csv file I see all data in a row without colomns separated by coma, but how can I get as in demo video with colomns?
In Atachments two images: the first one is how I get now, the second is how I would get

14 May 2015 11:17 #202 by Ivan Milic
When you save from MS Excel make sure you use "Save As" and for Save As Type explicitly choose "CSV Comma Separated *.csv"
14 May 2015 12:15 #203 by Виталий Елизаров
no, this is ok, but how I can generate a csv file like in your demo video? There all data separated by colomns
14 May 2015 13:24 #204 by Ivan Milic
It should be like that on fly , only if you changed CSV separator from , in Options->Settings you could have such problem.

Maybe just your viewer does not load it correctly, you can test it with Google Documents - Tables
14 May 2015 17:27 - 14 May 2015 17:28 #205 by Виталий Елизаров
my viewer? You meen microsoft excel? I just export csv file and than open it by excel, but it opening in one row, without colomns
25 Nov 2015 11:46 #374 by Ivica Meglajec
I have the same problem..
What is the solution?
11 Dec 2015 07:53 #394 by Mike
I've run into problems when exporting / importing. I now have double the amount of products and when adding new products can not upload images. Is there a way to remove the falsely created products? I've deleted them but everything is still messed up...
11 Dec 2015 11:22 #397 by Super User
Excel can indeed export invalid CSV . If you don't take care you could get tab delimited or ; delimited CSV with is strange by my opinion because CSV stands for 'Comma Separated Values'.

Google documents tables works always correctly.

If import incorrectly formatted file you can not predict what could happen.

Best is to open CSV file before import and to manually check if format is ok. I can recommend notepad++ for this operation.
11 Dec 2015 19:48 #398 by Mike
I didn't use any software. I simply exported from VM Exel-Like Manager using "export csv". When later I used your import from "Update from CSV" to restore that file, a whole new bunch of product IDs appeared (your .csv export file was in no way altered).
I then deleted all of the wrongly created products in VM but now am having to use phpmyadmin to make tweaks to certain tables just to be able to add new products / images.

I'm hoping that the next VM update will fix the problem, otherwise a total rebuild of VM will be needed. I'll have to manually add the products again.

For all users I'd recommend running a full back up of your database before trying to restore "Update from CSV" (after using the VM Exel-Like Manager "export csv" functionality). Unfortunately, I didn't try adding new products for a while so wasn't aware of the problem and now my back up is not totally up to date.

On another note RE: "Excel can indeed export invalid CSV?" From what I know Excel is pretty well much established as the industry standard. It is relied on daily by millions to import/export important business/financial files. Users are not required to manually check exports before importing into accounting software such as xero / MYOB. Excels developers ensure correct/automatic integration with other products based on a set of industry standards (that's what we pay for).

RE: "If you don't take care?" It sounds more like to me that the developers of VM Exel-Like Manager need to take care. If you are suggesting that your software doesn't work correctly with certain industry standard software please make these products very, very clear to all of your users.

Unfortunately I'm now finding that VM Exel-Like Manager is now costing me about 3 times the time to adjust prices without using it as I'm having to dig deep to fix issues it's creating.

I'd recommend to all users to use VM Exel-Like Manager with great caution. It can wreck your VM store in a single click.
12 Dec 2015 15:09 #399 by Super User

so when I open CSV file in notepad++ it should look like attachment 1

Latest 2.0.39 PELM has protection from importing incorrect files.

Best regards,
12 Dec 2015 15:16 #400 by Mike
OK, many thanks. I'll check it out.

Kind regards.
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