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Excel-Like Manager: ID not sorting correctly

18 Apr 2017 21:34 #2355 by Johnny
When I sort by ID, it is not in correct order. Please see video:

18 Apr 2017 22:24 #2359 by Super User
Thanks for reporting this we will have a look. Did you try 3rd click?
18 Apr 2017 22:40 #2362 by Johnny
I'll try. What is 3rd click?
18 Apr 2017 22:43 #2363 by Super User
3 sort states.

- None
18 Apr 2017 22:52 #2366 by Johnny
The only option I have is to click on the column header. When I click, it only sorts ASC and DSC. There's not a 'none' option that I can see. I've tried clicking 3 times to see if that would do it and it didn't make a difference.
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