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VM excel-like PM not all products visible

07 Aug 2017 14:17 #2687 by Boris
First of all this is a very nice tool. I bought it some time ago, but now I have this issue:

If you browse the products the first three pages of the listing (180 products) work fine. If you skip to page 4 nothing is shown (except the violet background). So unfortunately I only can edit 180 of my 300 products. The pagination seems to have some problems either sometimes it displays funny things like page 5 of 4 (with no content of course).

Is this a known bug which has been solved inbetween?
My version is perhaps not the newest (2.0.24), but I can't upgrade. My order number is accepted, but upgrade doesn't work...

Many thanks for your help

07 Aug 2017 14:19 #2688 by Super User
please write to support @ holest . com and send us you beck-end access so we could check issues you talk about.
19 Aug 2017 23:33 #2693 by Steven
We have about the same issue.

Only the first 101 items are showing (we have 290+ items)
filter is on 1000, still showing only part of all products.
19 Aug 2017 23:45 #2694 by Boris
Hi Steven,

if you meet the requirements for max execution time and memory on your webserver and it is still the same problem I guess you are using PHP 7. In my cases it is reproducable: Everything is ok with PHP 5, if you switch to PHP 7 the plugin doesn't work correct anymore.
26 Aug 2017 16:57 #2704 by Super User
Php 7 uses its own .ini files. So it must be some parameter that is set in php7 by default that causes this.
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