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MySql PROBLEM IN Product excel-like manager for Vi

22 Aug 2017 09:07 - 22 Aug 2017 09:10 #2696 by Radoslaw

I had to change Database driver from MySqli to MySql (PDO). Product excel-like manager for Virtuemart stopped working. The error is only "0 00000, ,"

vm 3.2.2
JOOMLA 3.7.5
PHP 7.0.22
MySql 5.5.36

Can you help me?

best regards
23 Aug 2017 12:56 #2697 by Radoslaw

I would like only to ask if there is any hope to solve this problem. This is the only component which doesn't work on my server with MySql (PDO) so I don't want to get back to MySqli because I have many warnings in server log and MySqli works much slower to me.
26 Aug 2017 07:49 #2699 by Super User
There is no problem with PDO ?
26 Aug 2017 07:50 #2700 by Super User
We can check what is with your site if you send us /administrator access to support @ holest . com
28 Aug 2017 08:23 #2709 by Radoslaw
Thank you

All needed details were sent by email.
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