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big problem with excel-like product manager for wp

28 Aug 2017 10:11 #2712 by vandervale
I have a big problem with the plugin "excel-like-product-manager" that I bought in full version.
I was able to change the custom settings one time. But now it is impossible to make changes in its parameters.
Second thing: I can export to "csv" for excel but when I re-import, the changed file values columns blend with others, and I end up with additional attributes that I had not created.
help me please
28 Aug 2017 10:19 #2714 by Super User
Can you send us /wp-admin access to [support @ holest . com] so we check what is wrong?
28 Aug 2017 11:30 #2717 by Super User

you use both custom import and export formats but they are not set to be same. When you use custom import format columns are not resolved by header names they are resolved using list you specified.

So you use for import:

and for export:

you can just turn off custom import ("Use custom import format" checkbox).

As for settings save there was issue we fixed and published update 2.1.13
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