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Custom fields - variations image and add attribute

07 Sep 2017 10:44 - 07 Sep 2017 10:54 #2734 by mirko
I need someone to help me to set these custom fields
- image file and gallery file for variations (add n1)
- add new product attribute to use for variations (add n2)

07 Sep 2017 13:04 #2735 by Super User
- image file and gallery file for variations (have a look to add image n1)

Do you use some plugin for that (because wooCommerce nativly does not support that) ?

- add new product attribute to use for variations (add n2)

You need one more variant there - right? Enable "Parent" column visibility in settings. For variable products cell will then write "variations...". Clic on that to add variation. After row is added fill its fields.
07 Sep 2017 13:33 #2736 by mirko
Hi, thanks for replying

No, I don't use any plugin, that's a native application in woocommerce, have a look to my added image
07 Sep 2017 13:38 - 07 Sep 2017 13:39 #2737 by Super User
You can create custom filed for it in settings.

It should be :

Source type: meta
Source type value: _variation_image
"Source type value" is from other customers it may have different name in your case (auto-suggest will help you find right name). Also select right cell format - image
07 Sep 2017 14:16 #2738 by mirko
Hi there

Did you see my added image "image variants".
That's a native issue.
Anyway, I need you to set fields for yoast seo too: meta description, tag title and slug.

I sent you a login account via email.
07 Sep 2017 14:18 #2739 by Super User
Done, in your case it was:

Source type: meta
Source type value: _thumbnail_id
Edit formater: Single media
Value kind: id
Editable for variation: yes
07 Sep 2017 14:22 #2740 by Super User
For other fields it look easy see image.
08 Sep 2017 15:36 #2745 by mirko
Hi, after you team-viewered me yesterday I tried to edit the attribute field, nevermind I need to reload the page to insert a new attribute to use for my product-variants, but I need to do it one by one, if I try to add all the attributes I need they disappear. Did you check a better solution for that?
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