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08 Sep 2017 15:33 #2744 by mirko
Hi there,
I am trying to add cross sell and up sells columns this way
meta value
Edit formater: media set (?)
But something goes wrong, I received an error message in front end.
I tried to use edit formater simple and to edit the id; I see all my cross sell id for my products but if I try to edit a new ID it doesn't work
08 Sep 2017 15:42 - 08 Sep 2017 16:50 #2746 by Super User
I did log in in to your site it was:

meta: _crosssell_ids
Edit formater: Simple
Value type: text
Serialization: PHP array
08 Sep 2017 15:49 #2747 by mirko
Nothing, It doesn't work
08 Sep 2017 15:50 #2748 by mirko
if I try to edit that field my data disappear after two seconds
08 Sep 2017 16:06 #2749 by mirko
Have a look to my added Image. If I edit the cross-sell by the traditional way, then I can read the right ID in the excel like pm; but if I try to edit it, it doen't work

08 Sep 2017 16:47 #2750 by Super User
Ok, now it is ok. Final config shown in image.
08 Sep 2017 16:55 #2751 by mirko
Sorry but It doesn't work yet
08 Sep 2017 16:58 #2752 by mirko
I am sorry but It doesn't work. Have a look here, if I edit that field I can't find my IDs in the "traditional" view; still nothing change in front-send

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