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Import CSV error

22 Dec 2015 14:41 - 22 Dec 2015 19:03 #401 by Víctor Alonso García
I have a problema that I try import CSV from VM 'excel like' product manager, after updating CSV file,

Se ha producido un error.
1146 Table 's193ea00_desarrollounrescat.vicweb_virtuemart_pelm_imported_images' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT * FROM vicweb_virtuemart_pelm_imported_images

I create a table in DB, but error continues from other table like vicweb_virtuemart_pelm_toimport… or and other same tables…
22 Dec 2015 16:47 #402 by Super User
There are two atbles:

CREATE TABLE `#__virtuemart_pelm_toimport` (
`no` int NOT NULL,
`data` text CHARACTER SET utf8

CREATE TABLE `#__virtuemart_pelm_imported_images` (
`id` int NOT NULL,
`url` varchar(1024) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL DEFAULT ''

and function


where #__ should be replaced with real joomla db prefix.

Component normally creates automatically, maybe your DB permissions prevent component to create them.

Please make sure you have all of this. If not send us /admin access and
we will fix that for you.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Víctor Alonso García
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