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Updated CSV but no exist products on DB virtuemart

22 Dec 2015 20:04 #403 by Víctor Alonso García
I finally can update CSV, and not report any problem, that when I revise new products on DB, this continius empty.

CSV format is correctly, and custom format of columns like a CSV will give configured ok.

CSV columns format: codigo,codigo_2,codigo_3,codigo_4,codgrupo,grupo,codfamilia,familia,marca,precio,stock,peso,nombre,descripcion,caracteristicas,imagen,falta,largo,ancho,alto
22 Dec 2015 20:09 #404 by Víctor Alonso García
Sorry I sent CSV file by mail.
23 Dec 2015 12:24 #406 by Super User

first you need to have product id (virtuemart_product_id) or sku (product_sku) column so products could be matched.

second this file is ANSI encoded and it will not be accepted. File needs to be UTF8
23 Dec 2015 19:33 #410 by Víctor Alonso García
Sorry but, my problem... not resolved... :s

I save file from UTF8 and continius problem...
24 Dec 2015 08:58 #411 by Super User
Send it again for new check
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