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always adding a "-1" to image path

22 Dec 2015 22:46 #405 by Boris

I want to import some articles and also mass-upload the pictures. The import always adds a "-1" at the end of the image path I inserted in the csv. Is there a possibility do get rid of this?

Many thanks in advance

23 Dec 2015 12:27 #407 by Super User
Hi -1,-2 ... will be added if you have image with same name in vm images folder.
23 Dec 2015 12:56 #408 by Boris
So if I upload the products by csv and upload the image files afterwards no -1 will be added?
23 Dec 2015 14:05 #409 by Super User

image has to have unique name.

If there is already image with that name -1 will be added.

Online editing does just overwrite so yes.

Best Regards,
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