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Products Per Page field

28 Jan 2016 18:14 #433 by Tony Latimer
Every time Excel-Like Product Manager loads the server times out. The only problem is that it takes quit awhile to time-out. I've been trying to use the products per page field to limit the products displayed but it seems to have no effect. I have it at 10 now but it still loads 4 pages worth of products. Is there something i'm missing here? Thanks...
29 Jan 2016 10:24 #434 by Super User

note that it will always pick up child products and if child product is targeted by filter it will include parent and all other children of it.

Products per page is default limit value. If limit is set in browser cache it will stay like that until page cache is cleared.

In bottom right cornet there is limit field set it then click refresh.
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