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Unable to Import New Products

14 Feb 2016 22:04 - 14 Feb 2016 22:06 #449 by Vikas
Hi !!

We are trying to import new products (not update existing ones), but the plugin is not importing the products. We followed the following method:

1. Exported the custom CSV file.
2. Edited the contents of the exported CSV file by replacing the exported products with new ones.
3. Saved the file in CSV format using UTF-8 encoding.
4. Clicked on Export/Import > Update from CSV > Choose file and Import.

After completing the above steps, we get the message "Importing", but then it displays only the products that we had exported earlier, new products are not shown in the list.

Please let us know where we went wrong in implementation.

15 Feb 2016 19:54 - 15 Feb 2016 19:54 #453 by Super User

make sure id column is empty and then sku is defined and unique

Also make sure "Enable Add" setting is "On"
17 Feb 2016 04:07 - 17 Feb 2016 04:09 #461 by Vikas
Hi !!

Yes, we kept the ID column blank and gave the product a unique SKU. There is one more problem in this plugin. If we try to export the custom CSV file (with same parameters/columns we wish to export), every time it exports in a different format. Header is different in all the sheets. It would randomly skip the headings while exporting. For example: Sometimes there is column "visibility" in the exported file, sometimes it is not there. Sometimes it exports the "Image" column, sometimes it doesn't and so on. Secondly names of headings also differ. For example: Sometimes it shows the heading as "attribute 1, attribute 2" and sometimes it exports the same attributes as "attribute_color, attribute_types". I am attaching one file containing one product, please let us know what's wrong in this format because this file was not imported successfully.

It is an emergency situation for us, we need to upload 1000s of products. Prompt reply in this regard shall be appreciated.

I want to share the test CSV file with you, it is not uploading here. Kindly let me know at which email ID I should send the file.

17 Feb 2016 13:41 #462 by Super User
Send us examples of CSV files. Use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
17 Feb 2016 14:12 #465 by Vikas
Hi !!

I have mailed the CSV formats at the given email ID.
18 Feb 2016 11:27 #467 by Super User

both files are in incorrect format. New lines need to be string escaped with \n . You have some attribute with multi-line value. Update to 2.0.46, that will solve export. But when importing you need also to take case for values to be properly encoded.

So it can not be:

Colour:- Glossy
Material:- Acrylic
Dimensions:- (LxBxH) in cms....28x33x24

it has to be:

Colour:- Glossy\nMaterial:- Acrylic\nDimensions:- (LxBxH) in cms....28x33x24
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