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trying to add a column with sub value

23 Feb 2016 08:30 #471 by jade
hi i am trying to add a column that has sub value i follwed whats on the settings but it wont give the result.

like this one

** If metavalue contains sub-value you want to show you can use ! to access object you indexer key and . to acces prperty like: _some_meta.subprop!arrkey_or_index would correspond to: _some_meta->subprop.

** For assoc arrays with has keys you can use * for wilcard property so _some_meta.subprop!arrkey_* would also catch _some_meta->subprop.

so i created _my_meta.itsname!arrkey_or_index and _my_meta->itsname but it wont work i am trying to display _ignitewoo_auction_settings[condition] what should be the correct syntax.
24 Feb 2016 02:22 #472 by jade
Any answers to this? need it urgently
25 Feb 2016 09:41 #474 by Super User
Can you give us example value as it is in database
25 Feb 2016 18:12 #476 by jade
this one ignitewoo_auction_settings[condition] and ignitewoo_auction_settings[starting_bid]
26 Feb 2016 18:19 #478 by Super User

we need raw field value you can pick up in db directly.

(if not problem just send us full DB export)

Best regards,
29 Feb 2016 23:49 #484 by Super User

you need to use PHP Serialized array as sub-type of simple value. Then it will work.
(This option is added about month ago so be sure you update if you did not)
01 Mar 2016 23:44 #485 by Super User
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