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the product gone after updating the products

26 Feb 2016 02:47 #477 by f16xx3

Recently we use to update products through vm excel like in some columns. VM_products ID, produc_sku, categories_name, metakey. However after updating, all the products was gone from back end and front end. We are lucky we have back up on the site.

What do you think are the reason to this instances, please let us figure out, so it will not happen again.

26 Feb 2016 20:46 #479 by Super User
Are you sure you did not change some value like status that made them go off filter scope?
26 Feb 2016 23:19 #480 by f16xx3

We didn't touch anything unless other people. Where can we see to fix this error?

04 Mar 2016 16:40 #488 by Super User
Contact us using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so you could give us access for live check.
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