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How to reset Excel-Like API

28 Feb 2016 02:24 #483 by taufan
Please help me reset my "Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce" API.
Order number: 105757739931

Thanks for your support.
I really appreciated.

04 Mar 2016 16:46 #490 by Super User
You used key on 3 different sites. 3 activation limit is for development, pre-release and release.
08 Mar 2016 01:21 #496 by taufan
Why you didn't accept paypal as a payment?
I just wanna use balance on my paypal account to buy this plugin again.
08 Mar 2016 10:27 #497 by Super User

we don't have problem with PP. Most of purchases are done using PP.

Best regards,
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