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Adding language column of woo products - Polylang

04 Mar 2016 07:56 #487 by Roman
your plugin for woocommerce is working really good and is easy to use. One thing is for us problematic - we have e-shop with two languages - English and Slovak. We use Polylang plugin for multilang site. I need to have in table column with language used with product. How to put it there?

I find that in DB table wp_term_taxonomy with taxonomy=language - there is stored information about every language, added with plugin polylang.

And in table wp_term_relationships object_id is post/page id from table wp_posts and term_taxonomy_id is id of your language.
BUT I cant figure how to put it in your plugin. Can you help me?
04 Mar 2016 16:50 #492 by Super User
You can use custom fields to target taxonomies and meta-data. Problem is that you have to figure out how that plugin works so you could know how to configure ours. Maybe you should ask their support to tell you how do they store data.
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