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Attributes gone

10 Mar 2016 23:08 #498 by Tony Latimer
Attributes are masked??? I was using the plugin yesterday to update categories. I come in today and all attributes from many products are gone. It looks like all Kit Size attributes are gone which makes my products unavailable. I have a filter search option and attributes such as Hardness appear in the filter search and allows me to click on that product. When I edit the product none of the attributes are showing... but they seem to be available. Do you know what this is?? Thanks...
11 Mar 2016 13:46 #499 by Super User

there were problems with attributes in some of recent versions, make sure you are using 2.0.51.

Best Regards,
11 Mar 2016 17:36 #500 by Tony Latimer
Ok, thank you for the reply. All the attributes are showing now. They weren't deleted but somehow masked.
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