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Strange change in the last version

27 Jun 2016 16:23 #548 by Xavier Lemoine
I used VMLikeExcel since J25/Vm2.
I have update VMLikeExcel to a site using J3/VM3 and i have some questions.

1. The side filters are wider than before : very wider ! 1/3 of my screen width. If i use the arrow to reduce it, i have a "half column" shown. Is it possible to change the width one for all for this part (maybe in the css ?).

2. Manufacturers are not sorted anymore : in the previous version, the manufacturer lists was ordered. Now, it is not. How to reorder the list ?

27 Jun 2016 17:47 #549 by Super User

1. You can collapse side filter panel

2. You can sort by clicking at column header
28 Jun 2016 08:10 #559 by Xavier Lemoine
You did not understand what i said :)

1. If i collapse the panel, the panel is "halfed" collapsed. Not completely. When it is not, the panel take 1/3 of the screen wide. I want to reduce the width of the panel when it is opened, it take to much space.

2. for the manufacturer list, it is not a column, it is in the panel : i have no column to sort the it is a list ;)

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