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Excellike - new versions?

19 Sep 2016 10:57 #569 by Finnc Christensen
I have use VM Excellike for a few years....... and I wonder....

Can't seem to find where I download new versions after having purchased it?

Do I really have to buy it every time there is a new version?

01 Oct 2016 10:26 #580 by Finnc Christensen
No response about this?

Anybody know anything?

Do I really have to buy it all over again every time thee is an update?

01 Oct 2016 10:48 - 01 Oct 2016 10:49 #581 by Super User
You need to verify installation, form Options -> Verify Installation . You can input order number or transaction key.

After that you can update normally.

If you have problem with that (if version is relay old) you can write to ( support @ holest . com ) and specify your order number to get latest zip.
01 Oct 2016 21:43 #582 by test test
New versions and image upload
premium version rev 2.0.66.
Does premium have the settings as basic?

I checked import/export settings and cannot find a setting to allow image uploads (right now they are being blocked). I also appear to be missing "Options -> Verify Installation" function that another post said is needed for version upgrades. Additionally, changes to the Backorder field are not importing.

Screen shot of Import setting page attached.
03 Oct 2016 10:41 #585 by Super User

Wayne, the previous posts are talking about VirtueMart version.
For wooCommerce version there is no "Options -> Verify Installation" because wordpress plugins have API key.

I'm not sure what do you refer by basic , if you mean of free price changer or attribute changer they do not have functions to change anything else.

For product manager (full version) export columns are ones enabled in settings. And all found in CSV will be imported.

Best Regards,
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