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Numerous Import/Export and Image Issues - help!

27 Sep 2016 18:15 - 27 Sep 2016 18:53 #576 by magestyx
I'm having some big problems here with the Virtuemart Excel plugin. Unless these are fixed there's no way it's useable on a production site.

1. Export and Import are removing images from the server but duplicating images in the database.
I exported a CSV, then duplicated a product row in Google Docs, then when I Imported the CSV it wiped all the image files from the server. But when I look at the products in the backend, some say they have double the number of images now though they're not visible. When I go to the VM3 Image/Media Manager for the product, instead of 6 images it says it's showing 1-12 of 12, but there's only a single placeholder 'image not found' line displaying.

2. Importing a CSV does not add new products.
Some product fields are updated, not all, but if I can't add new products via CSV then this extension won't work for me.

I'm doing test after test here with different settings and such. Please respond. I need this to work or I'll need to get a refund and move on to another extension.


27 Sep 2016 19:36 #577 by magestyx
I commented out the 'unlink' lines so the extension stopped deleting all the images every import, but it keeps renaming files in the database by adding a '-1' to the URLs in the database. This breaks all the links to the images in the system. WHY WHY WHY do this?!?

Why can't the extension just update the database with the exact data in the CSV and leave it at that?

27 Sep 2016 19:43 #578 by magestyx
Ok, I managed to kill the 'while file_exists' code so that there's no more file renaming.

Now the biggest issues are that the CSV import is simply not creating new products or updating their prices. Other fields update on existing products, like the SKU, slug, etc. but the prices will not update.

For testing, I have 4 existing products already in the site. The CSV has 5. When I do the import, I get the message that 5 products have been updated, but the 5th one doesn't show in the extension or in VM3.

Please help.

28 Sep 2016 08:58 #579 by Super User

can you send us CSV you are importing so we check it.

Send it to support @ holest . com
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