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VM excel-like Manager - Price Problem

13 Dec 2014 17:34 #72 by Max
I have some problem with the component when I try to insert a new product.
I'm able to insert SKU, Name, Category, etc but I cannot insert the price in the correct coloumn.
I must open the product with VM and manually insert it...then I can modify the price through VM Excel-Like Manager.

Can you solve this little but boring problem?

Thank you.

Best regards

Web Server : Apache/2.2
PHP Version : 5.4.35
Joomla : 3.3.6
VirtueMart : 3.0.2
13 Dec 2014 23:52 #73 by HOLEST Engineering
Hi, yes thanks for reporting this. This is one of first vm 3 releases so we had bug. Go ahead and update to 1.1.4.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Max
14 Dec 2014 00:35 #74 by Max
Thank you!
now it seems to work.

Today I had another problem but I'm not sure it's a problem with the component itself or something in server "reaction".

I was creating products with VMELM and I've noticed that the first coloumn was red. I realized that the products weren't created. After few hours I've tried again and the coloumn was ok (only red at first then turn to White).

I think it's red when it writes the products in the database and maybe the connection wasn't so good the first time I tried.
I don't know.

however, thank you. It's a very good component.
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