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incorrect way or presenting names

05 Feb 2015 21:50 - 05 Feb 2015 21:55 #82 by Seppo
I noticed your tool does not handle the name fields correctly:
Lets say, I have two categories, with names of:
Fruit, Vegetables

That is, the second category is having a comma within the name. The first category shows there as it should, but the second one should show as "Fruit, Vegetables" - including the quotation marks.
In current format (using comma as category separator), without quotation marks it causes an error since it becames a list of 3 categories instead of 2:

I noticed this when I was trying to import similar file into excel and it didn't handle the category list correctly..

I suppose this can be fixed to next version, but do you have any estimate when that would be (I cannot use your product before that is fixed since in case I am working with there is a need for comma within the category names)
11 Feb 2015 21:48 #92 by Seppo
Any information for this problem? CAn it be fixed somehow, or do you have estimate of when there would be an update for this?
11 Feb 2015 23:11 #94 by Ivan Milic
I'm not sure that resolving that would be good idea at all because comma is used for logic very much so it would possibly create problems. We do put items requested by clients as tasks to be added in updates but in this case I'm totally not sure. We have to examine that further. More over it look to me that 'Fruit & Vegetables' or 'Fruit and Vegetables' are better naming than 'Fruit,Vegetables'
11 Feb 2015 23:29 #96 by Seppo
But wouldn't the solution I proposed in my question solve it: adding quotation marks around it, just like you already do with the product name or description fields? It is quite common to add "-marks around some field you wish to be treated as one cell of information, thus allowing i.e. commas without need to otherwise escape them.
Thus, in that case that would become like this to CSV:
"Meat,""Fruit, Vegetables""" or similar solution (even with only id's)

I agree to the differnt naming could do it, but sometimes customer needs (=wants) it in such a way that there is comma, so it's better if it is not restricted.
11 Feb 2015 23:54 #97 by Ivan Milic
As I wrote it will be considered and checked if can be applied.
09 Apr 2015 22:22 #110 by Seppo
Any new with this, have you come up with new version of product? I was looking for one, but was unable to find where to download one or to see changes. Where is the download page?
10 Apr 2015 11:06 #111 by Ivan Milic
Hi, we will not develop comma in names handling.

Im not sure you are talking about joomla or woocommerce. For joomla you can update from update manager (Extension Manager->Update), for woo you will see cyan message in top bar update is available and clicking on it leads you to download.
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