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Hide product variations

07 Feb 2015 12:59 #83 by Tolga Tutel

I am using your Excel-like product manager for Woocommerce. I need to hide product variations, but I couldn't find any setting to disable them from showing.
Can you please tell me, how I can do this?
And how can I search for empty fields? like: show me all products, where SKU is empty?

Many thanks for your quick help.
Best Regard
07 Feb 2015 13:10 #84 by Ivan Milic
For first question you can edit:


find this:

'post_type' => array('product','product_variation')

replace it with

'post_type' => array('product')

For second question that is not possible because empty filter field already has meaning of "do not filter by this filed"
The following user(s) said Thank You: Tolga Tutel
07 Feb 2015 13:34 #85 by Tolga Tutel
Perfect, it worked! Many thanks for your quick and good answer!
Have a nice weekend and many thanks again
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