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Wholesale Price w/ Pro Excel Woo Price Change

24 Aug 2015 22:16 #237 by pengie5696
We are developing a new Woo store site for a client that is combining two previously separate retail and wholesale catalog sites. We have installed a premium plugin WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering by Stephen Sherrard. It would be incredibly helpful to have the new Wholesale Pricing Fields display in an Excel-like format for easy edit with considerable inventory.

Will upgrading to the premium version of your plugin enable this visibility and functionality?

I'm hopeful!
24 Aug 2015 22:54 #238 by Ivan Milic
If you need to target post meta or taxonomy you can configure custom filed in settings.

If value of custom field is complex object our component can also handle that because it can be bound to nested arrays or object properties. If you have problem configuring custom field we will help you with right syntax.
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