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Real Compat view with all child row hidden

17 Aug 2017 14:14 - 17 Aug 2017 14:22 #2692 by Anson
Hi Support,

As subject, please check my screencast and advise below questions, for Shopify Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager.

1. Is it possible to skip all the row of child products in compat mode, for some copy & paste action?

2. Sometimes the left bottom side keep showing loading icons for long time (>5min), even all the updates are done. Refresh found no issue, please advise.

20 Aug 2017 19:40 #2695 by Anson
Hi, any reply or support staff here in the forum?
26 Aug 2017 13:23 #2702 by Super User

I think we already responded by email. We solved both of your problems.

In future updates we will also remove empty variant rows and use "add variant" button instead.
27 Aug 2017 17:26 #2707 by Anson
Hi Support,

Thanks for your update of the app.

The empty issue that copying from external Spreadsheet to the app is fixed.

But another issue is given that during copying range in this app to other range, which is more CRITICAL.
Although I am in Compat view, copy & paste action for range in the app will give unexcepted behavior: copy 3 rows, but paste in skipped row...

Please help fixed it. If cannot do both in current app, I think the previous version(without current update) works better......
28 Aug 2017 08:59 #2710 by Super User

thanks for this reports. It is fixed.

We created 30% discount for your shop (activating discount from top menu recreates subscription)
The following user(s) said Thank You: Anson
28 Aug 2017 10:04 #2711 by Anson
Thanks for your discount.
Just tested and all the previous issues are fixed. Thanks again!

Got a minor suggestion of filters:
- add a%b, operator for title: eg. including a and b characters
- add < > operator for date, like Created At

Feel free to discuss. Thanks.
28 Aug 2017 10:18 #2713 by Super User
What should that operators do ?
28 Aug 2017 10:22 #2715 by Anson
- add a%b, operator for title
eg. Title: Brand%Mug => search listing with title "Brand Mug", or something like "Brand asfsdfsdafsdf Mug"

- add < > operator for date, like Created At
eg. Just compare the date, before or after
28 Aug 2017 10:28 #2716 by Super User

makes seance, I added that to "to do" list
28 Aug 2017 13:45 #2718 by Anson

Got a minor issue when editing large amount of SKU (>1000),
Says I am trying to paste value for some MetaFields, found usually some cell in that metaFields cannot be pasted value.
And I have to paste again for those fields. It seems a kind of stability issue.
If possible, feature like "Mass discount/update" for normal / Metafields are apreciated to mass update all related field in active row.

Feel free to discuss. Thanks.
28 Aug 2017 14:11 #2719 by Super User

maybe you just need to wait few seconds for value to appear ?
28 Aug 2017 14:16 #2720 by Anson
Normally I paste data to ~10 products in batch to update and paste few batch at once.
Wait the last record to be updated and all fields stable for more than 5 min.
I even refresh the page and found some middle fields is blanks.
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