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About Excel-Like Price Changer for WooCommerce

25 Nov 2015 13:30 #375 by taufan
I saw your video.
But i have a question.
After we "Export CSV" can i add new product on that CSV (with title, slug, featured image, etc), and then "Update from CSV"?

25 Nov 2015 19:37 #376 by Super User
Price changer can not do that.

You need full component :
25 Nov 2015 22:39 #377 by taufan
Just wanna make sure before i buy,
Can "Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce" can add new product to the csv with featured image and product image?
26 Nov 2015 16:32 #378 by Super User

you will see in online editor and CSV. Featured image is in "Image" column and additional images are in "Gallery" column.
26 Nov 2016 02:27 #763 by owawixy
Is not clear for me, it´s only one purchase and that's it? I will have to pay again after some time/year/upgrade?!Just to be understood by me.

And for a beginner like me, what's the difference between WooCommerce and WP E-commerce?! I´m usin WooCommerce.

28 Nov 2016 09:33 #764 by Super User
You don't have to pay.
There is no difference same plugin works with both platforms.
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