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26 Nov 2015 20:22 #379 by pbt39ppc
as i see in demo, i can export to csv.
But if im add 1 line to exported file, i cant import it.

Does that component support importing new products?
26 Nov 2015 21:06 #380 by Super User

- You need to enable adding in settings
- id column for product to be added needs to be clear (no value)
- SKU is set in CSV needs to be unique
- slug needs to be unique
- if you are adding variation you need to set parent column appropriately. Just id of parent of parent is also added from same import sku:<parent sku> or slug:<parent slug>

When you prepare CSV like this it will work
02 Apr 2016 20:52 #515 by pbt39ppc
Can i ask you for a example?

i want to see working example for 2 products import with:
each product in its own 2nd level category
we dont use SKU (autogenerating?)
product short description
product long description (with chars like ",{,},/,<,\ )
product image (can it be like /images/products/img###.jpg ?)

when i have some products and need to add more products, is it good way to have csv with only new products? or i need to put existing in it too?
05 Apr 2016 09:26 #516 by Super User
We may prepare some videos in future.

What is in CSV that is imported (for update or add) . No deletions are done in import operation.
05 Apr 2016 20:16 - 05 Apr 2016 20:17 #517 by pbt39ppc
I dont need any videos, i want to understand before buy,
I have attached modified csv (exported from your demo, edited and uploaded)
as result i didnt see manufacturer and category, so its impossible to create categories or i did something wrong?
Also i didnt see an image and description.

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06 Apr 2016 08:59 #518 by Super User
I'm not quite sure what are you asking about manufacturers and categories.

In you export yo have columns:




(you also can optionally use categories_paths instead of categories names if you have sub-categories with same name)

Categories and manufacturers must be defined before import, if no match is found during import they will NOT BE CREATED!
06 Apr 2016 20:57 #519 by pbt39ppc
So, before import i have to create manufacturers and categories.

If im adding new products, i have to leave VMproductID empty (in that case product will be added)
If the product exists - then it will be updated.
thats right?
07 Apr 2016 10:28 #520 by Super User
Yes if id is empty product will be added (unless SKU is matched but you don't use that).
22 Apr 2016 11:18 #530 by Sven Franke
I've purchased VM 'excel like' product manager with UDF plugin and if I tried to export some VM products.
The created CSV file looks wrong.
All columns in the first line, some mysterious signs, etc.
The file will also not imported.
What can I do, what's wrong?
22 Apr 2016 12:52 #531 by Super User
Hi, send that file to support email for check
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