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Woocommerce update price

08 Jan 2016 16:54 #414 by Eric Lacasse
Just bought the plugin and try to update price from CSV

the price do not update.

08 Jan 2016 20:25 #415 by Super User
I suppose that on second image you have csv file opened from text editor. To import such file you have to configure custom import format under custom import settings, or simply insert header row as first line of file like this:

08 Jan 2016 20:58 #417 by Eric Lacasse
They are the setting in setup

08 Jan 2016 21:01 #418 by Eric Lacasse
gives me that message but the price dont update

08 Jan 2016 22:05 #419 by Eric Lacasse
WordPress 4.4.1
08 Jan 2016 22:19 #420 by Eric Lacasse
after some test if i put the ID it imports properly.
but in my price list i need to have only 2 column SKU and PRICE
Seems it cannot find with SKU only
09 Jan 2016 12:50 #422 by Super User

it must be something specific to your site. You can send us /wp-admin access using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will check this for you
09 Jan 2016 15:57 #424 by Eric Lacasse
email to support sent
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