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Import function does not work in free version

09 Jan 2016 11:27 #421 by Ian
I have installed the trial version of this software with limited functions.
this plugin looks like it will do what I want, but after reading some of the forum questions it seems that the import function is not always perfect.

I tried to import a small portion of a CSV file to test it and was given the message that 34 products had been imported, but there is nothing added to my products anywhere on the site.

This is a brand new site with only 17 items so far out of 1000's so now is the time to test it.

Is there any way of testing this function (import CSV) before purchasing as it is the most important function for me. I will uninstall it if I cannot test this function prior to purchase.
09 Jan 2016 12:53 #423 by Super User
Import works but people often have problem at start until they figure it out because of wrong encoding and incorrect format of file to be imported.
09 Jan 2016 20:32 #425 by Ian
My format is correct and it works with another plugin, but I think your plugin will suit my purposes better.
Your answer is a generalised statement that does not answer my questions.

Why does it say items are imported, but then they are not added anywhere on the site?
Is there a way to fully test this function before purchase.

Why not have a fully functioning trail version that is limited to 20 or so items (lines). Purchase would be required to add more items. Makes more sense to me as I can then fully test it and you get paid. At the moment I wont pay until I can see it all working.

10 Jan 2016 11:31 #426 by Super User
Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you 24h trial.
23 Jan 2016 05:15 #430 by Ian
I found a program that allowed me to do what I wanted with no time limitations.
I was able to see how it all worked and spent a few days and a few goes working out that it suited my purposes.
It might be a better way for your plugin to work as most of use would need more than 24 hours to tweak the finer funtions.
Thanks anyway.
I went with the other company.
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