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Installed Lite version - Getting blank page in adm

20 Feb 2015 16:43 #99 by Vape Buy

I installed the free version to have a quick look at this before i bought full version. When I go to the excel price changer for wooc tab it does not show any products, even though the counter lists that I have approximately 700 products. I can see the right panel with the filters, although when I choose a filter criteria and refresh nothing happens.

Why do you think this might be happening? Is there large resource requirements to use this? Dont know if I am hitting resource limit with this, just somewhere to start maybe.
20 Feb 2015 19:56 #100 by Ivan Milic
That happens on websites that are limited to low amount of memory. You can ask administratot to set limit to 128MB.
Or you can also decrease product per page limit. Click on 'Full Page' button then in browser address bar to existing link append &limit=200 and hit enter.
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