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Shopify Excel-like Bulk Product Manager — Filter by Image Size?

14 Jun 2022 11:07 #6206 by Alex
Is it possible to filter images by size? I.e. height or width.

We also use a metafield for product cover images visible in the product grid. Do you reckon a similar type of filtering could be possible for a metafield column which redirects to a Shopify picture too?

Thanks in advance

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14 Jun 2022 14:12 - 14 Jun 2022 14:19 #6207 by Super User

it is.
Open Settings.
Open the "Calculated columns" tab. 
Click "Add calculated column"
Set Header text: Max image size
Set Column for: Product
Set value type: Numeric
Check enabled: "Column is enabled"
Check enabled "Column is shown"
Click edit code "Porduct:GET"  and enter this:

return ($R.$.images || ).max("width")

Click OK
Click "Save setting"

Click "Choose filters" in the top right corner and turn on "Max image size"

You can then filter using numeric filter :

You can also use:
return ($R.$.images || ).max("height")


return ($R.$.images || ).min("width")

For other people reading this - this is the answer for Shopify Excel-like product manager but the completely same procedure can be used for WooCommerce and VirtueMart for sellingcommander.com


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