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cPay online payment plugin for wooCommerce

(CaSys cPay system used in North Macedinia)

The Wordpress/wooCommerce plugin adds payment method for cPay payment system.

The plugin is written as proper wooCommerce payment plugin. There are no code changes required by users. You just need to install it and fill parameters as given by the bank. 


Ako ste osnovali firmu u prethodna 3 meseca i jedini ste osnivač možete zahtevati da Vam HOLEST ENGINEERING izda plugin besplatno za jednu godinu. Ukoliko je osnivač ženskog pola plugin se izdaje besplatno na 2 godine. Nepohodno je da na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prosledite:

- sken/fotografiju rešenja o osnivanju nadležnog registra(Централен регистар) (moraju biti vidljivi datum osnivanja i ime osnivača)

- forwardujete mail u kome Vam banka izdaje test parametre 


GDPR - Plugin itself does not use cookies! 

CaSys cPay
Set-up instructions:

1. Install plugin into Wordpress (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin)
2. Activate it
3. Go to WooCommerce settings and click on "Checkout" tab, you'll see "cPay Card Payments " Link
4. The first-time activation requires API key, enter it and click on "Activate". You can use it on maximum 1 site. 3 activations will be allowed.

In WooCommerce Checkout section you'll see plugin options after activation.

-Enable plugin: yes/no
-Payment method name
-Merchant ID (provided by cPay)
-Merchant Name (provided by cPay)
-Merchant Password (provided by cPay)
-Use currency (to explicitly set currencly)
-Conversion adjustment % (in merchant favor) - if you want to modify exchange rate of National bank of North Macedonia
-Payment redirect url (provided by cPay)
-Description: This controls the description which the user sees during checkout. You can leave it empty too.
-Order completed status: Select order completed status.
-Order failed status: Select order failed status.
-Plugin API key: Plugin API key (provided by us).