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How to export cvs file in excel in separate column

17 Apr 2017 05:47 #2271 by Georgi
hi. when i export cvs file and opened in excel , i found the data only in column A, whit separator. In your demo every column from woocommerce exports as single column in excel.
How can I make a variation in the plugin. Only find there is option for variation product but nothing more.
Where I can find a documentation for Excel-like product manager multi-import and how can I exort/ import xls files as you mentioned in the base plugin

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17 Apr 2017 18:51 #2282 by Super User

gallery is always exported as comma separates list of image urls.

All export/import rules all same as for PLEM (you can read about it under "Help") , multi-import adds just bit more stable data transport and ability to work with xlsx.

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18 Apr 2017 07:26 #2318 by Georgi
I found how it works with xls files, tried some imports.
Please tell me one more thing, why when i import file , on the name of the product displays some kind of date.
Let me explain what i was did.
1. Set the columns to export.
2. Export the file vs the xls extention.
3. Make some changes in the data, and clear the ID - to append the new data in woocommerce.
4. Import the new file in the plugin.
Did not delete or change names of the columns.
After this in the name of the products there is some sort of date format instead product names

And the next thing is How i can handle with variations.

If you have some documentation or examples please tell me. I can give you xls of csv file to see to.
I I can not handle with this two things this plugin will be useless for me

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