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Export & Import problem

24 Jul 2018 06:05 #2993 by Anibal
Export & Import problem was created by Anibal

I am trying to run an import based on the file I exported through Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager.

Basically I exported all products from your app into a CSV file, then I changed the French worded products into English (all products in the list are the existing ones, I did not change the Unique Id's, etc.), then when I attempt to import the translated CSV I get the error "apps.holest.com says : Could not load xxx.csv"

I am attaching the import file (again, all products on it are the existing ones).

FYI I just bought a 2nd lifetime license of your app for this very purpose i.e. to have the ability to translate the products on an external CSV then reimport these into Shopify, so I hope all the trouble I went through and paying for a 2nd license will help me achieving my goal!

Thank you

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24 Jul 2018 21:00 #2994 by Super User
Replied by Super User on topic Export & Import problem

if you get that message that means CSV is not correctly formed.

You can save as .xlsx and use it for import or use google document spreadsheet to fix your file (just upload it to google and then use "Download as CSV" option)


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