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VirtueMart 3.0.12 + VMexcellikemanager = error

01 Dec 2015 11:47 #387 by Prokop

Thanks for your very handy plugin that we appreciate greatly.
Recent upgrade to VM 3.0.12 and newest vmexcellikeinput don't mix. I get this error:
An error has occurred.
 1052 Column 'virtuemart_manufacturer_id' in on clause is ambiguous SQL=INSERT IGNORE INTO jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_nb_no (virtuemart_manufacturer_id,mf_name,mf_email,mf_desc,mf_url,slug) SELECT coalesce(da_dk.virtuemart_manufacturer_id,en_gb.virtuemart_manufacturer_id,fi_fi.virtuemart_manufacturer_id,nb_no.virtuemart_manufacturer_id,sv_se.virtuemart_manufacturer_id,'') as virtuemart_manufacturer_id ,coalesce(da_dk.mf_name,en_gb.mf_name,fi_fi.mf_name,nb_no.mf_name,sv_se.mf_name,'') as mf_name ,coalesce(da_dk.mf_email,en_gb.mf_email,fi_fi.mf_email,nb_no.mf_email,sv_se.mf_email,'') as mf_email ,coalesce(da_dk.mf_desc,en_gb.mf_desc,fi_fi.mf_desc,nb_no.mf_desc,sv_se.mf_desc,'') as mf_desc ,coalesce(da_dk.mf_url,en_gb.mf_url,fi_fi.mf_url,nb_no.mf_url,sv_se.mf_url,'') as mf_url ,coalesce(da_dk.slug,en_gb.slug,fi_fi.slug,nb_no.slug,sv_se.slug,'') as slug FROM jos_virtuemart_manufacturers as p LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_da_dk as da_dk ON da_dk.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = virtuemart_manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_en_gb as en_gb ON en_gb.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = virtuemart_manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_fi_fi as fi_fi ON fi_fi.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = virtuemart_manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_nb_no as nb_no ON nb_no.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = virtuemart_manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_sv_se as sv_se ON sv_se.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = virtuemart_manufacturer_id WHERE p.virtuemart_manufacturer_id = 7

Could you comment ?


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01 Dec 2015 14:23 #388 by Super User
Replied by Super User on topic VirtueMart 3.0.12 + VMexcellikemanager = error
Go to Extension Manager, Updates. Click on Find Updates . 2.0.6 version of our component should be listed. Go ahead and update it.

If you are on j2.5 you might need to click on 'Purge Cache' then 'Find Updates' in updates listing page.

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