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3 Issues - 2 fixed with core hack but one remains

23 Sep 2016 23:17 #571 by magestyx
Issue 1 - When editing long text fields, the field goes so wide that it's very difficult to edit. Can't the field being edited have word wrap and a limited, reasonable width? I've tried in Firefox and Chrome.

Issue 2 - The upload folders for images are hard coded to the default /stories folder. I fixed it easily enough with a hack in the main vmexcellikeinput.php file to use my custom folders as I have them configured in VM3. But shouldn't the extension use the VM3 configuration settings instead of hard coding the values?

Issue 3 - Resized images were getting long filenames due to decimal points in the thumbnail height (heights were coming out like '212.3333333333'). I changed vmexcellikeinput.php to use the floor() function to force whole numbers.

Good plugin so far, though - has some really nice potential.



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